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Back to Nothing (2016)

Kongo, a doomsayer broken by life, wanders the streets announcing the end of the world. Strasser, seeking for shelter, goes back to his wife Luna, a junkie who indulges in unfulfilled dreams. Strasser’s feeble attempt to make good ends in a cruel fiasco. He starts losing his mind, setting out to hawk human flesh, which he declares as pork meat. His best customer is Muckie, an ex-wrestler who’s seen better days, now competing in no limit MMA-fights. Jackie, a transgender street hustler, abandoned by her former pimp Bobby, tries to make her way out by chumming up with Muckie. Bobby, a raving crack-addict in cahoots with Strasser, schemes Muckie into a fixed fight organized by satanist preacher/promoter Pontius : Muckie vs. Jackie. Nothing works out as planned, with three dead on fight night. A nameless detective, mourning the suicide of his ex-partner, proves utterly indifferent about the homicides but savvy about blackmailing Strasser into a partner/relationship. In a world where lives are valueless even the winners and survivors become losers. It’s Kongo, of course, who gets the last word.

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