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In The Crosswind (2014)

*Official Selection – TIFF 2014*
Best ‘New Director’ Award – Beijing International Film Festival 2015*
*Jury Award – Warsaw International Film Festival 2014*
*Best Feature – Audience Award – Goteburg Film Festival 2015*

“A very poignant experience… An art film in every sense of the word.” -Variety
“Audacious… A grand entrance into arthouse cinema. Will leave you awestruck.”


June 1941. Without warning, tens of thousands of people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were removed from their homes. Without any sort of trial, men faced being sent to prison camps and women and children were deported to Siberia. The aim of this operation – carried out on the orders of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin – was to purge the Baltic countries of their native inhabitants. Erna, happily married and the mother of a young daughter, is sent to Siberia. For her, time takes on another dimension. Fighting starvation and humiliation in inhuman conditions, her soul searches for freedom in the letters she sends to her husband, also sentenced to a prison camp. The years in Siberia rob Erna of something much more precious than just her youth… This film is based on a true story and uses extraordinary visual techniques and language to tell the heart-wrenching tale of the fate of thousands of Estonians.

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