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Mr. Rudolpho's Jubilee (2017)

*Official Selection – London Portobello, Berlin Boddinale Film Festivals*

“Enchantingly original, delightfully complex.” -HuffPost

“German television star Christiane Paul is an utter joy… The Boheems themselves are such an absolute blast that you’ll find yourself wanting to go off-the-grid and head off to Berlin to find them.” -The Independent Critic

Emmy winner Christiane Paul joins Francesco Mazzini and a strong ensemble cast in Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee. This genre-defying mash-up of romance, comedy, musical, and crime-drama tells the story of a world-famous Italian fashion designer who becomes disillusioned with his shallow life and decides to commit suicide during Berlin Fashion Week. Fortunately, his plan doesn’t work and he’s taken in by a group of strangers — Bohemian artists. Meanwhile, cops, killers, reporters, and Interpol all search for him… and this being a Bright Blue Gorilla film, the plot thickens, spins and churns with love, music, and comic mayhem! In English, German & Italian, shot in Berlin, Milan & Florence.

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