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Talent (2017)

Kaylee is a high school senior obsessed with everything hockey. Nearing the end of her final year of high school, Kaylee looks forward to the few opportunities she has left playing floor hockey in gym class. Her gym teacher Coach Kleiner, armed with tearaway wind pants, has other plans, as one of Kaylee’s final floor hockey games goes disastrously. Afterward, Kaylee rejects her friend Fergus’ date proposal, only to be told that her talent for hockey is not on the same level as her passion. She admits to having some doubts, but holds onto her dream. As Kaylee’s internal struggle with hockey begins to surface, her art teacher Ms. Dash faces struggles of her own. Ms. Dash is trying to establish an arts organization for underprivileged youth, but to get the project off the ground she needs money. With her fundraiser flopping, Ms. Dash confides in Kaylee, hopeful for any help. Kaylee jumps on board and starts to draw up a fundraising plan involving a World Record attempt for the one thing she knows best: floor hockey. As the record attempt nears, Kleiner starts a fundraiser of his own that threatens to derail Kaylee’s plans.

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